Play chess faster on a smaller board | Teach your kid chess on using a smaller board

This is a press-kit for Halfchess.

App Video

Latest halfchess game
Old version — (Blind Mode — remember the position, 30 seconds)
The old app video (15 seconds)

Background Story

Media Coverage


Another video from a higher vantage point (skip to 1:35) … its funny to see people shaken by the 2nd and the 3rd big foamy waves in 0.25x and I can see that the big raft takes quite an impact. Again good line and directions.

The kayak in front of the raft disappears into the foam, but would have otherwise been a nice subject in the video too. It appears after the third wave, but it has turned its direction to face the raft. Most likely on purpose, expecting a rescue.

Post that there are some smaller ones that seem more longitudinal (from the left).

Another video, looks like good line to cross golf course. The rapid in this video looks more like how I experienced it.

(More text to be added soon on this rapid)

Old App Video

The video is 15 seconds only.

iOS Screenshots

(I thought I will add it to my blog to remember it)

Remember the time when we were growing up

This was mostly until 16–17 orbits. Lets make more memories together. :-p



I held so long to the feeling,

I thought I must be very artistic.

Then I read an article,

It’s because I am a man.

It is my inability to cope up with emotions,

and very much a God’s plan.

- says Naval

The unanswered letters,

kept us together.

All those nights,

I dreamt a reply.

When you are honest,

The expectations are high.

Says Naval

As a part of continued effort to improve Halfchess, we are revisiting the communications. The app store description for Halfchess has been quite lack-luster.

Scroll below to see our new app description.

The old app description

Halfchess is a variation of chess better suited to mobile screens and quicker games. Most games only last 1–3 minutes. It is played as chess on on a smaller board against the computer.

To add to the…

Chess is Evil is International chess played on a smaller board. It fits better on a mobile screen and allows casual chess players to play faster games. Halfchess aims to build a chess community for casual chess players.

A post by — chess for creativity at work.

Space Invaders

Click above to play against 10 Pawns, which turned out to be my level. Scroll down to choose your challenge — how many space invaders would you fight? Scroll down to see how to setup li-chess before playing.

The 13-Pawn board is balanced with Stockfish. I think its harder to play with the black pawns VS playing with the white queen. In either case, it is an end-game variation and very thought intensive. …

Naval Saini

Hacker and into fitness and adventure. Leads a simple life and does not try to fit in too much. :-)

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