Play chess faster on a smaller board | Teach your kid chess on using a smaller board
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App Video

Latest halfchess game
Old version — (Blind Mode — remember the position, 30 seconds)
The old app video (15 seconds)

Background Story

Media Coverage

  • We played silly make believe games about space adventures
  • We fought for space in one room
  • We had different toilets
  • We liked different toys
  • You always had more books than me
  • You always read faster than me
  • You were more addicted to warcraft than me and were a better gamer
  • I was a computer programmer in school and you never learned to code, I wonder what you thought of the computer back then
  • We watched a load of movies in Ranchi together
  • We went to play video games in Patiala
  • I liked football and I think you liked cricket and cards

Naval Saini

Hacker and into fitness and adventure. Leads a simple life and does not try to fit in too much. :-)

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