Cafe Noir — a french cafe in the most posh mall of Bangalore

Cafe Noir is located in UB city mall, in its open air food court, and boasts of serving French dishes. It’s a nice place to sit down and observe the classes of Bangalore. It’s been three very busy office days since I was there, I mostly remember it for its splendid Macarons — french for colourful biscuits with different flavours — cotton candy (the best), coffee, and other flavours. They are priced at Rs. 60/- a biscuit, go swell with wine. You will feel them dissolving in your mouth and reassembling in your stomach like little sugary terminator robots — ie. they feel heavy after a while.

We also had Grilled Fresh Salmon and Prawns Spaghetti Pasta and the average cost was Rs. 450/- per item. The food was very good.

Hacker and into fitness and adventure. Leads a simple life and does not try to fit in too much. :-)

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