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  • Caleb Kaiser

    Caleb Kaiser

    ML infrastructure (https://github.com/cortexlabs/cortex) Formerly at AngelList. Originally a Cadillac.

  • Astasia Myers

    Astasia Myers

    Enterprise VC @redpointvc

  • Nicky Woolf

    Nicky Woolf

    Politics, science & the internet. @GuardianUS and @newstatesman alum. not really harry styles' dad. email me: nicholas.j.woolf@googlemail.com

  • Deepak Gupta

    Deepak Gupta

    I write about everything related to programming in the easiest and simplest way I can. Connect with me via https://bit.ly/2RUN1RW and Do follow me :)

  • Sylvain Saurel

    Sylvain Saurel

    Entrepreneur / Developer / Blogger / Author. In Bitcoin We Trust: https://www.inbitcoinwetrust.net

  • Ishai Smadja

    Ishai Smadja

    Product Director @ Moon Active // Player of Games // Contrarian

  • Oleg Yakubnekov

    Oleg Yakubnekov

    I am a product and data guy with experience in building and growing things at scale. Forbes 30 under 30

  • Kabir Nazir

    Kabir Nazir

    Software Engineer at BigBinary

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