The Jantadurbar experiment.

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From wikimedia: Delhi Durbar, 1911

You have probably been redirected here from our website — — which is for now a signup page, as we look for connecting with our future users.

I am a tech guy and have an interest in building platforms that serve the human need of fueling constant change. A technology platform really does not do much more than find a bottleneck for a social change, that should happen faster than it is currently happening, and fix that bottleneck.

The bottleneck theory behind is as follows, “If the purpose of news and media is to fuel social change, than crony capitalism and politics is kind off a bottleneck in letting it fuel the change.” This is a very small experiment to fix this bottleneck, for a small number of people (among the 19% of India is online).

While in newspapers, non-journalistic forces decide your front page news, here the people decide the frontpage news (by voting and submitting links to relevant opinions). We will be covering only two topics — culture and politics.

We need Jantadurbar because we need to empower good journalism, and not the media networks. Given how political parties and businesses use media networks for their agendas, it would be good to have some disruption in this space.

About Me

I am the right person to build .

I really want to make a difference in society. I want to use my technology skills to build something that has a direct impact. I have volunteered with Aam Admi Party and want a better society (though this website is independent of the AAP party).

I have built many other websites like — (1) , (2) , (3) — for myself and for my clients. So technically, this is a very feasible weekend project for me (over few weekends).

And lastly, I am not driven by making an insane amount of money — but yes I would like to put Advertisements on the website at some point and build a team for JantaDurbar.

Please signup on to support the experiment. You will have more interesting opinions and analysis to share with your friends.

Going forward

I have many ideas and might go into one or more of the following :-

  1. Explore other engagement points — like local MLA and Janta interaction. I am keen on trying it in a reverse way, instead of Janta asking the MLA questions — the MLA can ask Janta the questions, “ what do you think about XYZ development activity? ” . Or maybe, figure out a way in which the chief opposition party can use such a platform. Perhaps connect MLAs directly with RWAs and other bodies (who can act as Durbaris).
  2. Scaling the idea into other geographies by opensourcing the code — under a specific license.

I plan to build this product, when I have a 300+ signups. I would most likely opensource it. You can (1) mail your suggestions to me at and encourage me to build this product, (2) take a survey , (3) tell us about a problem we dont know about.

Thanks for being here.

Hacker and into fitness and adventure. Leads a simple life and does not try to fit in too much. :-)

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